A Brief Review of Everything

Student sets out to review everything in existence. Fails miserably.

Arts: Haikus

  Not much fun to read, But they’re very quick to write When you’ve got no time.

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Arts: Joining a TV Show Late

Breaking Bad started its fifth and final season recently, and my, it’s a cracking bit of telly isn’t it? Following Walter White’s journey from quiet chemistry teacher through to bald … Continue reading

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Arts: Elysium and Storytelling

Storytelling can be a difficult business. In science fiction, where the rules of the world are not necessarily the same as our own, this is doubly so; the director has … Continue reading

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Culture: Nerdrage, Ben Affleck and Underrepresentation

Unless you’ve spent the last few days either living in a cave or as a carbonite wall hanging for a giant green slug gangster, you’ve probably heard that Ben Affleck … Continue reading

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Tech: Acoustic Cat

The acoustic cat. It certainly sounds intriguing; functional yet adorable, yes? The name alone might have been enough to sell it to you, and you probably don’t even know what … Continue reading

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Culture: The Zombie Phenomenon

Whatever your feelings towards the modern zombie phenomenon, it can’t be denied that the shadowy world council behind it are masters of the Meta. Like the corspey ones themselves, this … Continue reading

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Restaurant: Caesar’s, York

Up to this point I’ve avoided doing a serious review on here. I don’t know, maybe I have an allergy to facts or something. But I’m tired and I’ve got … Continue reading

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